Mapleton's Mack Pumper 'miniaturized'

In recognition of St. Patrick's Day, Code 3 Collectibles chose the Mapleton Volunteer Fire Company's "Engine 2-2" as its latest model. The 1980 Mack CF pumper was formerly a FDNY (New York City) refurbished engine, purchased by the company in 1997.

(Photo by Adam Watson)

Daily News Staff Writer

  The Mapleton Volunteer Fire Company has received an honor that very few paid or volunteer companies in the state can boast. In recognition of St. Patrick's Day, the company's 1980 Mack CF pumper has been miniaturized by Code 3 Collectibles, producers of the most accurately detailed fire and emergency diecast collectibles on the market.
  Fire Chief Mike Corbin told The Daily News the company received word at the end of 2001 that its engine had been chosen earlier in the year as a prototype to be modeled by the collectibles company. A limited supply of the model was made and is now being sold to club members through several firefighting-related catalogs and magazines.
  "We're just thrilled that our engine was chosen," said Corbin, who said he initially was skeptical when he learned the engine was chosen to be duplicated. "It's an honor; we didn't have to solicit for and knew nothing about." added Corbin.
  Purchased by the Mapleton Volunteer Fire Company in 1997. the - engine, now known as "Engine-Rescue 2" is a former FDNY (New York City) engine from Station 7. The station was featured in a documentary made by French filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Ndudet, that recently aired on CBS chronicling the Sept. 11 events at the Ward Trade Center.
  Selected due to its green and white color scheme, Corbin said the engine apparently caught the eye of personnel from Code 3 who thought it may be a good piece to model and sent Jackson Gearhart of Chambersburg to take detailed photographs of the engine. The fire chief indicated he was amazed at how close the detail on the 1/64-scale model resembles its "big brother."
  According to information provided on the fire company's website, the engine arrived in the community via a lowboy trailer truck and was steam-cleaned by a local businessman. New tires were installed on the engine and a local mechanic gave it mechanical overview.
  Mike Pauly of Lewistown, a local level fire instructor, serviced the engine's pump and new gauges were installed. "High side" compartments were installed and a dresser drawer type roll out compartment were added under the main hose bed at an Amish welding shop in neighboring Mifflin County.
  A white-colored, New York-style hose bed cover was fabricated not only to allow for additional storage space for equipment, but also as a tribute to the engine's previous service in the "Big Apple."


Mapleton Volunteer Fire Company representatives stand beside the company's 1980 Mack CF engine that was recently modeled by Code 3 Collectibles: Rob Speck, vice president and sergeant; Dave Hollabaugh Jr., the company's newest firefighter; Mike Corbin, fire chief, and his son, Hunter; Susan Corbin, fire company trustee; Miranda Arcq, emergency medical technician and Bill Smith Jr., firefighter.

(Photo by Adam Watson)
  US Silica Corporation, producers of glass sand and high quality silica installed a deck gun on the engine and made various brackets for holding equipment. They also manufactured an aluminum, diamond plate extended bumper for storage and deployment of the "Jaws of Life."
  This placement allows the fire company to respond to motor vehicle accidents "nose first" with its rescue tool ready to be instantly utilized. New appliances (couplings, nozzles and ladders) were also purchased.
  The engine also carries a vast array of other firefighting rescue and medical equipment needed for use in emergency situations. Since its purchase in 1997, the fire company has upgraded much of the equipment contained on the engine.
  Like many county communities, a lack of active personnel has become a real issue and volunteer fire companies are often forced to depend on neighboring fire companies for assistance and equipment has to be functional and cost effective. Corbin said the fire company doesn't have the added operating capital to purchase "flashy" and up to date apparatus like many of the county's larger companies do.
  "We have to make do with what we've got," continued Corbin, "and as long as it serves our purpose and meets community need, that's all we can ask for." The fire chief indicated the engine was purchased to replace a limited capacity squad unit and answers a majority of the company's calls including fire, motor vehicle accident and medical emergencies.
  A history of the fire company indicates it was formed May 21, 1921, when 200 citizens from the community and visiting firemen from Mount Union and Huntingdon assembled in the band hall for the purpose of forming a fire company for the community. A fire company was eventually formed and serves Mapleton Borough and portions of three surrounding townships and answers about 130 calls per year.
  The company currently maintains 25 "active" members, including 15 firefighters and six emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Along with its Mack engine, the company utilizes the services of a 1966 Ford F-850 super duty engine (Engine 2-1), a 1976 Dodge Power Wagon (Brush 2) and a 1989 Jeep Cherokee utilized as a quick response service (QRS) vehicle.
  Fire company officers are Brad Glover, president; Rob Speck, vice president; Mike Corbin, secretary and Brenda Coder, treasurer. Fire-fighting officers are Mike Corbin, fire chief; Chris Corbin, deputy chief; Brad Glover, captain; Jeremy Chilcote, lieutenant; Rob Speck, sergeant and Dave Coder, engineer.